Retail POS Superiority – The Drawbacks of Mobile Payments

There is little doubt that mobile payments have become an important part of retail business, particularly for small business enterprises. There are evident advantages to retail mobile systems as they offer a great deal of convenience at a very low, affordable price.

However, a mobile payments system may not be the best solution for your business, especially when compared to POS or Point Of Sale systems. There are a number of questions that arise when comparisons between mobile vs. POS are conducted, and some of the answers may be surprising for those considering a mobile payments system.

Are Mobile Apps a Replacement for Full POS Systems?

While mobile apps allow you to swipe cards easily, they really offer little more than that. POS systems however can handle the entire operation of a business from inventory to sales to employee payroll and more.

POS systems can provide employee management capabilities and even track repeat business customers to help properly stock your inventory with items that are frequently sold. Furthermore, mobile payments often use less than robust software which can break down or not work from time to time, especially without a strong signal present. POS systems are far more robust in nature and are quite reliable.

In Mobile vs. POS, aren’t Mobile Payments a More Flexible System?

Unfortunately, many mobile payments systems are either designed for or mimic established computing systems that are found on tablets, mobile devices and the like. An iPad for example is a very versatile device, but it is not crafted to be a true payments processor even with mobile payment software added.

POS systems on the other hand are created specifically to meet the needs of a retail business both large and small. This means that the software included is especially designed to handle all the challenges that business owners encounter during the day.

Are There POS Systems that are More Affordable than Mobile Apps?

Actually, there are full-featured POS systems that you can obtain with no up-front costs. With these POS systems, a merchant only needs to make a monthly service payment and benefit from the POS technology.

Can Mobile Apps be Combined with a POS System?

Generally speaking, the answer is no because the information cannot be shared between devices. However, new software technology is now allowing some mobile applications to be combined with POS systems.

In Mobile vs. POS, what is the Better System for Merchandisers?

The truth is that both systems offer unique advantages that the other does not have. The issue however stems from choosing the right system for your business needs. When choosing between both systems, you will need to evaluate your current business standing to make the best informed decision between both devices.

Mobile payments systems are perfect for single-person retailers who are always on the go, especially if they do not have a brick and mortar establishment. However, for larger business merchants and especially those that run out of a store, POS systems are far better in meeting the needs of merchants because they are especially built to provide up to the minute sales, inventory, and order and employee information as well.

However, perhaps the best choice is to use a POS system that works in concert with mobile payments solutions — getting the best of both worlds.

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