Pizza POS Considerations – Out with the Old, in with the New

Replacing your pizza POS is never an easy task and that is why we wanted to provide you with some tips on relevant considerations, and how to determine when it’s time to upgrade. There are a couple of tips here that might be a bit subjective but most of them are something you will need to keep in mind regardless of your business model so grab a pen and paper and prepare to take notes.

First, you should be aware that while many core features are the same from program to program there are a lot of functionalities that differ, too, and if you are thinking of replacing your pizza POS then it is probably because you are not happy with its limitations. Perhaps you are experiencing too many technical glitches. You may be dissatisfied with the inability to log on remotely or its incompatibility with a tableside ordering application. You may also perceive that its reporting capabilities are lacking.

If any of these scenarios are applicable, you must start by thinking about what you don’t like about your current Pizza POS so that you may search and find an alternative that will eliminate these flaws and be more to your liking.

Another tip to have in mind is that credit and debit card processing need not be done on a separate device anymore, so if your Pizza POS does not accommodate direct payment processing, you may consider this a shortcoming. Search around for a Pizza POS that can perform this task but at the same time is PCI compliant and encrypts the credit card data – while not storing it on your physical computer. This will prevent cyber criminals from stealing your customers’ payment data and potentially your own financial information.

In addition, customers like to interact with their favorite brands more and more, and your pizzeria is a brand too, so some recent Pizza POS models allow you to use a mobile app for your customers so they can browse the menu, access coupons, order from their tables, fill out surveys, and provide other customer-pleasing amenities. You may need to switch out your POS, if it’s unable to work with mobile applications.

It may also be time to replace your pizza POS if it simply cannot fully support your business’s operation. For example, you need to be able to immediately see your transactions and trends. Detailed reporting is crucial and a bare bones POS will not provide that component. Of course, you have to act on any intelligence you receive but it’s much more difficult to take constructive action when the information is not at your fingertips.

Are you also frustrated that your POS system is difficult to navigate and that it’s features seem so complex? Are you calling your POS system for further training and technical support but feel that such assistance is completely lacking? In this scenario, it may be more beneficial to obtain a new Pizza POS than continuing to work with a POS system and company that are serving as a detriment to your business’s growth. Still, you also have to weigh price considerations and your own financial constraints to determine the age-old question, ‘Is it worth it?’

In summary, whether you’re looking to replace your pizza pos or purchase a new one, there are many factors to consider: training, support, price, POS management and reporting tools, mobile application compatibility, mode of payment processing, specific functionalities, etc. Change is always difficult but a new pizza POS system may be warranted in light of the aforementioned considerations.

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