Harbortouch Integrates Mobile Payments – Synergy of Mobile POS Combo

Mobile POS

Until recently, POS or Point of Sale systems and mobile payments were two separate and mostly incompatible systems. While both could be used for a single business, they could not share information directly which made keeping track of both a time-consuming effort.

However, Harbortouch which is a leading POS systems marketer has now combined with Tabbedout, the mobile payments pioneer to create an integrated system that combines the best of POS and mobile payments. This ‘mobile POS’ system now synergistically combines the advantages of mobile sales with the inventory, employee management, customer management, and other outstanding features of POS systems.

All Harbortouch Hospitality POS systems will now be augmented by this integrated solution and new Hospitality POS systems will incorporate this new technology as well. Over 135 million US customers who have smartphones now have an instant means of paying restaurant and bar tabs at over 10,000 Harbortouch locations.
However, the main advantage of this POS mobile payments system approach is the how this will impact the future sales of businesses that purchase the Harbortouch Hospitality POS systems. With this news about the merger of technologies, more businesses will want to expand their services and reach thanks to this new system integration.

Security, efficiency and customer service are all now enhanced thanks to this new collaboration between Harbortouch and Tabbedout. A business owner can now spend more time focusing on serving their customers while those who pay for the products and services can now do so more conveniently as well. This generates more customer loyalty as well since they can enjoy secure payments from their mobile devices.

Plus, the new mobile app that has been developed lets merchants contact customers with sales promotions, coupons and other information that can generate repeat business. By targeting customers who purchase often, retailers can increase their sales and improve the efficiency of their business while generating more profits.

Customers enjoy the control they have by using their smartphones to make purchases directly and merchants enjoy the additional time they can spend in bolstering other aspects of their business. However, another new addition promises to add even more visibility to businesses as well.

Periscope is a marketing solution that allows merchants to keep a marketing eye on the customers who purchase their products. The Periscope program allows business owners to track repeat customers, their purchase habits and interests far better to help merchants stock the appropriate items to increase their sales potential.

Expanding solutions is what Harbortouch and Tabbedout have achieved by combining these two formally incompatible systems into one, creating a much more efficient and powerful tool to allow businesses to generate more profits, provide better customer service and even gain more valuable insight into what their customers want.

For customers, the ability to use their smartphones or mobile devices to make direct payments is not only a time-saver, but fosters a greater sense of loyalty towards their favorite stores, and adds to convenience. The future certainly looks bright for both merchants and customers as Harbortouch plans to add many more of their Hospitality POS mobile payments systems to businesses around the country.

The mobile payments vs. POS systems debate is no longer necessary when a mobile POS combination can be intertwined to produce one formidable unit.

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