NJ Event Organizers – Time to Carefully Consider a
Mobile ATM Service

As a venue owner or event organizer, you realize that many patrons do not carry sufficient funds, and thus need quick accessibility to cash reserves. With no money in hand, customers’ purchases are capped, compromising any given event’s profitability. Moreover, without any means to secure additional funds, customers become frustrated and dissatisfied, and may decide not to patronize your establishment or event in the future.

Our mobile ATM service company is Northwest New Jersey’s leader in the mobile ATM marketplace. Our mobile ATM’s are ready to be deployed and conveniently accessed by your cash-seeking customer base. In the last 12 years, we have provided our dependable ATM’s at notable events throughout New Jersey, ensuring a win-win-win partnership beween us, you, and your appreciative customers.

Our mobile ATM service site technicians are on hand to place the machines just about anywhere on the grounds to accommodate your needs. The devices are wireless and the range of service is vast and dependable.

The machines are sleek in design, and utilize state-of-the-art technology. They’re easily spotted by patrons as the terminals come equipped with colorful, attractive signage and flags. In addtion, our ATM’s are simple to operate and processing time is rapid, ensuring that lines are kept to a minimum.

Our portable ATM service will not only add to customer convenience and enhanced spending, but provide a direct revenue source to you. We’re happy to share residuals with you, where revenue split is dependent on the size of the gathering and generated profit. You’ll make money just by allowing customers to withdraw money.

No work is required on your end. We provide the logistics, transport the ATMS to your locale and quickly and efficiently set them up. Moreover, we don’t require too much advance notice. A week or so should be ample time for us to deliver the goods and provide a flawless fund withdrawal service.

Although our machines continue to faithfully serve us (new devices are added monthly), we’re responsible to provide instant technical service, if necessary, and replenish funds, again, if necessary. We go out of our way to make certain that there is no hiccup in the ATM process and that your customers’ cash needs are consistently met throughout their experience.

Our mobile ATM’s are ADA-compliant and employ triple DES technology, encrypting pin numbers to protect customers’ security. They adhere to the latest government stipulations regarding the use and operation of ATM’s.

While we can provide just one unit, we’re very open to offering multiple units. Your anticipated traffic will help us to determine the optimal number of ATM’s to provide. All will work seamlessly as our mobile ATM service record is unparalleled in the industry.

Please contact us at (973) 390-0852 to explore your mobile ATM needs for your venue or special event.

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