Harbortouch Point of Sale System

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The Harbortouch Point of Sale System has the Retail, Restaurant and Hospitality industries all abuzz. Indeed, just some of its benefits are listed below. While there are many outlets to obtain our coveted POS system, the best place is through us, HarbortouchHarbor.com. Why? We will give you a $100 signing bonus paid after POS activation and offer one of the most competitive credit card rates in the merchant account industry today.

Harbortouch POS Benefits:

Harbortouch POS system combines simplicity, convenience, and full functionality — and with no upfront cost and an affordable monthly fee — is becoming the POS of choice among retail pos, restaurant pos and other hospitality merchants. Harbortouch POS is an all-encompassing system that serves a dual purpose: it streamlines and automates business operations, and offers debit and credit card processing capability.

Integrated Payment Processing

Our software/hardware is an all-in-one POS system, and you can directly accept your customers’ credit card payments, helping you save valuable counter space. (If you purchase the system through HarbortouchHarbor.com, you’ll also receive dramatic savings in your credit card processing related expenses.)

Full Scale Inventory and Accounting Management

You will no longer have to manually track your stock. Inspection of merchandise becomes obsolete as you input the initial amount of a given item, set a quantity level for reorder, and create an automatic purchase order. Tedious accounting and bookkeeping duties are no longer necessary to perform.

Unparalleled Tracking and Reporting

Our product can provide great insight to merchants who wish to track vendors, employees, and clients. For example, you can research the suppliers that offer the best prices, the number of hours per week that your employees work or who sold the most, and even the purchase histories of your customers. Such tracking and reporting should provide meaningful information in your quest to enhance profitability.

Streamlines Business Operations and Work Flow

Servers may process orders automatically without going into the kitchen through the Kitchen Video System. Names may be assigned to tabs, ensuring that the right party receives the right order. Checks may also be separated between customers, based on the order, dollar amount, or even by seat number. This clever, intuitive POS system can even monitor table availability — essential for a smooth functioning reservation process.

Quality Management for Drive Thru and Takeout Orders

In the retail and hospitality fields where quick turnaround times are essential, our POS software can assist you in increasing your employees’ productivity by monitoring the time duration of each drive thru or takeout order sale. Order fulfillment accuracy may be ensured as well as Harbortouch can confirm that customers receive the appropriate order.

Effectively Replaces Cash Registers (Even Those With All the Bells and Whistles)

Orders are processed quickly and efficiently — like any reliable cash register. You can use our free compatible scanner that deciphers all UPC barcodes, reducing the time to process orders while ensuring price accuracy.

Quick Learning Curve

The system offers an easy to navigate, intuitive design and its visual display reduces training time. Free training is available and so is 24 hour technical support. You will quickly become comfortable with this Harbortouch POS system. See a quick demo.

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