Harbortouch POS Pizza – A Cut Above the Competition

As you perform your POS scouting and restaurant needs assessment, an evaluation of the Harbortouch POS Pizza should be on your ‘to do’ list.

What sets Harbortouch POS Pizza Apart?

Harbortouch POS Pizza is dedicated to pizzerias, and this niche specification gives you the leg up on completing a lot of hard tasks while enabling you to accomplish them in a short duration of time. For example, the Harbortouch POS software allows you to automate everything relating to the restaurant’s activity.

You know when some orders get larger than your service employees can memorize – when customers order different toppings , different sizes, different crust types etc? Well, Harbortouch can easily accommodate the kit and kaboodle of customer requests, and will get all orders sent right onto the kitchen instantly – so the writing down orders on paper or small tickets is rendered obsolete. The system can even communicate between the counter and the kitchen.

You can expedite the vast array of toppings, sizes, and crusts by pre-setting combinations (e.g., medium-sized meat and pepperoni thin crust pizza) and note the accompanying price. However, customer customization is not difficult to achieve, and with just a click or two, you can build a unique masterpiece while keeping an eye on the ever-changing price as ingredients are added.

At the conclusion of the customers’ dining experience, you can be sure the check presents no surprises and when it’s time to pay for an order the customers can easily split their tabs. This feature works wonders when bills must be divided between colleagues or friends.

Moreover, the Harbortouch POS Pizza software offers the same suite of inventory tracking, customer, and employee management tools and reporting that you’ve come to expect with the standard restaurant Harbortouch POS Elite system. Whether you need to assess what products are in stock, which menu items to add or delete, figure out employee hours and accompanying sales, input daily specials, track tables, and perform a myriad of other tasks, you simply rely on our POS technology.

The reporting is especially comprehensive, particularly helpful to reduce or even eliminate accounting and bookkeeping expenses. You can monitor just about everything under the sun – from sales, voids, and discounts, to your biggest sellers, most productive employees, and most loyal customers. Our database stores this information indefinitely and is readily accessible at any time you need to access it. (These reports provide such value and insight and merchants must apportion time to study and evaluate the data, and implement changes to business operations if/when necessary.)

Despite all the inherent benefits, unlike other POS systems in the marketplace that charge huge starting fees, Harbortouch offers the program at no initial charge. An affordable and quarterly monthly fee is assessed for hardware and software support – perfect for frugal-minded owners of small pizzerias, taco stands, and low budget venues. You must use our credit card processing but this is a blessing in disguise as we offer rates that are as competitive as the next processor.

Even though this is a perfect complement to a small business, our Harbortouch POS Pizza already has large companies utilizing the system. It’s now an integral part of scores of large businesses, and the fact that it keeps on being adopted by big commercial centers underscores its value and power.

As you can see, by using the Harbortouch POS Pizza you are turning your regular pizzeria into a high tech and well oiled order taking and marketing analysis machine that will surely place you ahead of every competitor. It’s easy, it’s high tech and feature rich and, the price is right.

So, this is why we assert that Harbortouch POS Pizza (also referred to as QSR & Delivery) is a cut above all the other POS programs that are on the market. There’s only one way to know if you agree with us or not, and it is to try it without risk.

For more info, contact HarbortouchHarbor.com at 973-390-0852.

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