Harbortouch POS Elite – The Point of Sale System that Earns Its Name

Running a business is no easy matter with keeping track of expenses, watching your bottom line, and ensuring that all crucial business tasks are completed in a timely manner. While entrepreneurship offers benefits and rewards, it entails a slew of responsibilities – even for the smallest business owner. An operative question arises: Is there a way to streamline business operations?

Fortunately, there is a way you can manage your profit intake as you make each sale, keep track of your inventory, view your sales history, spot new sales trends, and create a better, more efficient business all in one product.

The Harbortouch POS Elite is a powerful software and hardware system that is sleek, multifunctional, and provides small businesses with the tools they need to tackle a wide variety of financial endeavors. The Harbortouch POS is one of the most advanced systems on the market today that combines powerful information technology into a simple, intuitive system that lets you keep track of your finances so you can achieve all of the goals you have set for your business.

What the Harbortouch POS Elite can do for Your Business

You can order the Harbortouch with the type of software that best suits your business needs. This means that no matter what type of business you operate, the Harbortouch POS provides you with the tools you need to run it even better than before.

What follows are the different types of businesses and how they can benefit from using the Harbortouch.

Retail: Offering a series of helpful features that include;

– Customer Database
– Inventory Tracking
– Purchase Order Creation
– Vendor Management

Retail businesses can even get support for their consignment and rentals. This all-in-one package can meet the needs of your retail business with easy to use, intuitive software capabilities.

Hospitality: If you run a restaurant or a small café, the Harbortouch POS can be geared to meet your specific needs including;

– Flexible Pricing such as Discounts, Specials, and Coupons
– Order Management
– Employee Management
– Menu Set Up
– Table Tracking

This one device lets you run a much more efficient eating establishment while keeping track of your profits, sales history, and projections so you can grow your business.

Delivery: Perfect for businesses that need to deliver food, products, parts, or services fast, this design includes the following;

– Customer Database
– Caller ID
– Printable Driving Directions

The Harbortouch POS Elite can run your delivery business all from one unit, making what you do even better.

Spirits: If you run a liquor store or specialty beer or wine establishment, the Harbortouch can help you with the following;

– Age Verification
– Inventory Management
– Sales Tracking

Your store can now become even more efficient as you meet the needs of your customers.

C-Store: This is for convenience stores. The Harbortouch POS can bring you the following advantages;
– Advanced Vendor Tracking
– Inventory Management
– Employee and Managerial Functions

The Harbortouch POS Elite is the perfect equipment to help you to improve your business operations, allowing you to concentrate on your core competency. Order one today … and find out why more business owners are generating more profits, reducing their losses, and running their businesses even better with the Harbortouch POS Elite.

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