Harbortouch Hospitality – An Overview from a Restauranteur’s Perspective

Your restaurant serves the best food in town. You’ve invested in waiter training and the best-sourced fresh ingredients. But there is just one thing lacking that will help your restaurant perform at its optimum level – an exceptional POS system. If this is what you need, then look no further than Harbortouch Hospitality – your one stop shop for all your restaurant transaction needs. Here’s what you get with this amazing product:

1. Do your customers want to pay by cash, card or check – no problem? You can accept all types of payments using this system. And these payments are immediately logged onto the online system so that you can access these details from any location.

2. Do you have problems with managing your stock? This may include running out of critical ingredients or overstocking some foods. The Harbortouch Hospitality POS system lets you easily track your inventory and manage levels any time of the day or night.

3. Do you have a large number of part-time waiters working for you? You can easily track their hours using this system. This takes the headache out of logging hours and calculating pay for each part-time employee.

4. Do you have nightmares about failing to install the system after purchasing it? Well, there’s no need to worry. You don’t have to do this yourself. Harbortouch provides certified professionals who will set up the whole system for you – and they’ll do it right the first time.

5. Are you worried that you won’t get help with the system when you need it? We’re here to reassure you that there is 24/7 support that you can access either online or on the phone. You can log in to the chat facility and have a technician respond to your questions immediately, or you can read through the FAQ and watch the different how-to videos.

6. Have you ever wondered if there was an easier way to track your sales data? There is with this system. You can track sales by menu item, by customer, by seating arrangement and a host of other options. This helps you easily keep tabs on the most popular menu items and also track what your regular customers are ordering the most – allowing you to offer them discounts or coupons on their favourite meals.

7. What about payment data? You can also keep a tab on the different types of payment options used by customers. So if you’d like to know how much of your total sales were paid in cash, you can print a report with this information, and the breakdown thereof.

8. Are you wondering how you will store all this information onsite? Well, don’t. Harbortouch Hospitality stores all your data online, allowing you to access it from anywhere and at any time. A feature called Lighthouse gives you control over your POS system even when you are not onsite.

Harbortouch Hospitality has a wide variety of other reports available, as well as other functions to help you manage your sales, customers, inventory and employee data. For any restaurant owner, you cannot be without this remarkable POS system.

For more info, contact HarbortouchHarbor.com at 973-390-0852.

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