Harbortouch Accessories – Great Equipment on the Side

Don’t you just love buying a product and finding out there’s so much value packed into it – way more than you expected. Well, that’s what will happen when you get yourself the Habortouch – the accessories that come with it are amazing and they are guaranteed to take your business to the next level. So whether you own a delivery business, a restaurant or a retail store, you will find Harbortouch accessories complement the efficient running of your business.

1. Caller ID
Customer is king, and with the caller ID function you can ensure that you easily identify your customer. This amazing function is best for delivery restaurants. When customers phone in their orders, they are easily identified by the POS system. The customer’s details are displayed on the POS screen if they have ordered before. For new customers, a different screen is displayed – one which allows you to create the customer and add their details. You can then easilty log the customer’s order onto the POS system.

2. Integrated Digital Scale
If you price some of your products by weight, then the fully integrated digital scale is a feature of the POS system you can’t do without. The advantages of this digital scale are as follows: it is fully integrated to the POS system so any products weighed will be added to the customer’s bill without any further action from the cashier; it is durable with a heavy-duty casing; it is easily cleanable with a stainless steel top; being a digital scale, it is more accurate than a regular scale.

3. Displaying orders in the kitchen
If you’d like to display orders in the kitchen as soon as they are rung up, then you have an option of two different Habortouch accessories. The first one is the Kitchen Video System (KVS) which is suited for quick service or fast food restaurants. The KVS gives orders in sequence, and the orders are actually timed. When the time limit is reached, the clock turns red.

There is also a kitchen display system that utilizes a monitor without any need for a PC. This is better suited to regular restaurants. The kitchen is able to view orders based on different criteria, and these specifics can be changed as needed.

4. Different scanners for different purposes
If you own a business, then you know the importance of a physical stock count. This is where the wireless scanner comes into play. It is used not only to count the inventory, but also to receive or ship out products. It gives you a quick solution for checking your inventory on the go.

Another Harbortouch accessory is the lightweight handheld scanner. This is suitable for most retailers and can be triggered automatically (whenever a barcode needs to be read) or at the push of a button. For larger products, there is the omnidirectional barcode scanner which is fixed to one position. Its head can be tilted, and it is best suited for scanning large products.

The aforementioned Harbortouch accessories are almost an essential purchase for any professional, serious and profit-driven merchant.

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